Regenerating Community Open Spaces (RCOS) Programme

Community Open Spaces have the potential to play a vital role in environmental health, community health and cohesion. Often, these open spaces are the only potential safe places for young children to play and engage in social activities. However, these open spaces are often degraded, and become places of disreputable activities, or illegal dumping sites. For this reason, the regeneration programme includes a component of community education through an innovative engagement process, thereby addressing wider environmental issues that may impact on Community Open Spaces.

Through regenerating these Open Spaces, the community can rally around the upliftment of their shared living spaces and build a sense of pride in their surroundings.

Current Projects

Shakaskraal Ward Public SpaceUpgrades

This project focuses on addressing environmental degradation, community awareness and youth development. A group made up of eleven youth are transforming degraded open spaces in their community into green, safe spaces to improve the natural environment and biodiversity and minimise pollution. They are also helping the community to change their behaviour related to environmental pollution through a home visit initiative; and are addressing issues of crime, as criminals often hide in overgrown areas infested with alien vegetation while preparing to carry out their criminal activities. Furthermore, this project develops youth by providing green skills through a recycling and up – cycling crafts programme, thus creating job opportunities for youth in the green economy.

Project Funder: Peakers Operations

Supported by: Coastals Cooperative, Ballito Crushers and Gabion Baskets