Community Environmental Stewardship Programme

Our stewardship programme addresses Social, Environmental and Economic challenges holistically through a People – Planet – Partnerships approach. This programme strives to ensure healthy living environments for communities and to support sustainable livelihoods through economic opportunities.

This is achieved through skills development, enterprise development and interactive, peer – to – peer community environmental education on community relevant issues.

Current Projects

Wise Wayz Water Care Project – Ezimbokodweni, Durban South, KZN

As winners of the 2018 Trialogue Strategic CSI Award, the Wise Ways Water Care (WWWC) Project received recognition for its strategic model that strengthens the relationship between a business and its neighbouring communities, working together to protect a water resource that benefits both parties. Further, the project improves the local economy through job and business opportunities created through the project. The success of this project is based on addressing social challenges to achieve environmental justice.

Social challenges are addressed through skills development, community environmental education by beneficiaries, addressing illegal dumping and clearing streams of solid waste, assessing the condition of the streams using scientific methods, and supporting livelihoods through job and enterprise opportunities.

The WWWC project is based in the South of Durban in a poverty – stricken community with very few opportunities. Since the project’s inception in 2016 the project has changed the lives of over a thousand community members, in particular 22 beneficiaries were offered job opportunities and 3 enterprises owned and operated by the beneficiaries have been formed.

This project is an excellent example of a corporate investing in their fence line community to achieve sustainable solutions for the community, the natural resource and their own business. This reflects i4WATER’s philosophy of connecting People, Planet and Partnerships to achieve Social, Economic and Environmental justice.

Project Funder: AECI Community Education and Development Trust